Aluminium double casement windows, inswinging, 6/8/6mm double glazing with small panes, espagnolette lock + semi-fixed latch

Why choose this product?

Our aluminium casement doors and windows are the ideal joinery to respect the aesthetics of traditional houses. They will ensure you have the best air circulation (180° opening). The double chamber of the surrounding outer frame gives an elegant look, and ensures all the mounting screws are concealed. The surrounding clip-on casing allows for the concrete reveals and the joinery to be neatly covered. Finished with a surrounding trim on the casement and outer frame, this type of joinery is ideal for guaranteeing total protection from both noise and rain. All our aluminium joinery has been designed for cyclone-prone areas, and all the doors are equipped with 5-point cylinder locks to ensure maximum safety.

The double glazing will bring you superior comfort in terms of sound and heat insulation. These systems can also lead to considerable energy savings. No more feeling hot or cold, no more condensation or fogging on the windows: cleaning will also be easier.

Our joinery is analysed at a certified test bed (LEM at Saint-André), and meets quality standards for air, water, and wind.

These products are available in black or white.

Menuiseries réalisables en sur mesure dans un délai moyen de 6 semaines.

Sizes availables (in millimeters) :

Dim : L.1000 x Ht.970

Réf : TF2-DVA

Dim : L.1200 x Ht.970

Réf : TF3-DVA

Dim : L.1200 x Ht.1150

Réf : TF4-DVA

  • Paracyclonic

  • Customised

  • 2 colors

  • Standards

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