Aluminium casement shutters, outswinging, horizontal slat infill, clip-on casing, on 3 sides, threshold strip, 5-point cylinder lock on door shutters, semi-fixed latch

Why choose this product?

Both traditional and modern, an aluminium casement shutter will bring you the quality you are looking for in terms of home protection. Equipped with 5-point locks on the doors, it will protect you from the sun and any external damage (e.g. cyclones, vandalism).

Our joinery is analysed at a certified test bed (LEM at Saint-André), and meets quality standards for air, water, and wind.

These products are available in black or white.

Menuiseries réalisables en sur mesure dans un délai moyen de 6 semaines.

Sizes availables (in millimeters) :

Dim : L.800 x Ht.850

Réf : VB1

Dim : L.1200 x Ht.1180

Réf : VB2

Dim : L.1200 x Ht.1000

Réf : VB3

Dim : L.1000 x Ht.1000

Réf : VB5

Dim : L.900 x Ht.2165

Réf : VBP1

Dim : L.1200 x Ht.2165

Réf : VBP2

Dim : L.1400 x Ht.2165

Réf : VBP3

  • Paracyclonic

  • Customised

  • 2 colors

  • Standards

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